How to Install Cpanel / WHM on a VPS Server?

"How to Install Cpanel / WHM on a VPS Server"

1) Make sure that your VPS server has enough resources to be able to run Cpanel. You really need an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 512 MB of memory to run Cpanel and that is going to be somewhat flaky and not really recommended. I strongly recommend servers with 1 GB minimum for Cpanel unless you are ready for some real headaches!

2) Preparing your server. Before you install Cpanel, it helps to setup the basics to get a good compile environment at least and get your server up to date with the latest patches and software updates:

Code :

# yum install selinux coreutils binutils make dialog gcc gcc-* glib*
# yum install libexi* libjpe* libpng* gifl* freetype curl curl-* xmlrpc
# yum upgrade kernel*
# yum update 

Once you got the basics, time to install Cpanel / WHM:

# cd # wget # chmod 700 ./cpanel-universal-install.sea # ./cpanel-universal-install.sea

(The above will take you 30 minutes to an hour or so to finish)

After you have the base install done, it would be a good idea to run the 'checkperlmodules' a couple of times at least until it runs clean without trying to compile new modules so that you get all the required Perl modules you need to run Cpanel properly installed on your server:

# /scripts/checkperlmodules

Once you have Cpanel installed, connect to WHM and go through the initial setup wizard to setup your server hostname, licensing, DNS servers, IP addresses, etc:

http://(your server primary IP):2086/

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